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Thermaltake & Mayhems Fight Over Trademark
Quote:Reading between the lines, it does seem that while Mayhems may yet have a hard time getting their registered trademark enforced in court, Thermaltake is going to have a harder time selling their new coolants in the UK and elsewhere. We were also contacted by people claiming to be erstwhile CaseLabs employees, who then told more about how their own legal woes with Thermaltake supposedly went. Some such instances include using a foreign PR firm to pretend to get information on the company which would then be provided to the legal department of Thermaltake, using social media posts as proof of libel, and also pretending to be customers and enticing a false sense of security to get the company to speak bad about Thermaltake. Again, these are not verifiable incidents, so it is best to take these with a grain of salt at best. We also request our readers recognize this is an ongoing story with legal repercussions, and so please comment accordingly.

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