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GloFo Reportedly Could Be Bought
Quote:GlobalFoundries's main investor is Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Technology, which holds a 90 percent stake in the company. Korean semiconductor companies Samsung and SK Hynix are reportedly in the foray to buy out GlobalFoundries, as it would give them a turnkey presence in the US, with its Upstate New York facilities. The company is unlikely to entertain bids from Chinese companies, as CFIUS would likely block the sale. "Global Foundries is unlikely to be bought by a Chinese company such as SMIC in that the U.S. government is keeping China in check in various industries," said an industry insider, adding, "The most potential candidates include South Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, and Samsung Electronics can increase its share in the market to 23 percent at once if it takes over Global Foundries."
Quote:EDIT March 1, 2019: Global Foundries reached out to clarify that ATIC's support for the foundry remains strong. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi recently made an official visit to the company's Singapore fabs. The CEO of Mubdala (100% owner of Global Foundries) commented that “With its focused and inspirational leadership and a clear strategy for value creation, Global Foundries continues to be an integral part of Mubadala’s portfolio.”

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