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Lenovo Settles Superfish Lawsuit
Quote:The settlement is expected to pay out between $40 and $750. People who submit a claim form without providing an itemized "proof of loss" will receive the $40. Those who provide those itemizations can get up to $750 to recover the costs of credit monitoring, technical assistance, and other services that may have been prompted by the revelation of the flaws in Superfish's tools.
Quote:That said, a rumor from Media Post is now stating users may be eligible for up to $55 thanks in part to fewer people coming forward than initially expected. This is likely not true as the settlement came out January 11th. Even so, this new rumor gaining traction at least serves as a good reminder that if you haven't done so and you have a system that qualifies (listed after the break) you can go here and submit a claim. All claimants have until March 25th, 2019 to file there claim.

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