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Commodore 64 system to return with classic games
Commodore 64 system to return with classic games


Modern versions of iconic gaming consoles have been popularized in recent years, but the rebirth of this latest product will surely resonate with early computer users.

The updated product comes with a full-sized retro keyboard, a classic joystick and a selection of classic games, including Speedball and Cyberdyne Warrior. It will cost $199.99 when it launches in early December.

The chunky, tan-colored Commodore 64 computer brought personal computing into the home for millions of users in the early- and mid-1980s. People used their C64s, as they were known, for everything from basic office functions to primitive games like “Impossible Mission.” It was limited to 64 kilobytes of memory — about the equivalent of one long email.

Commodore sold more than 17 million of its C64 systems, according to the manufacturer Commodore International. The Guinness Book of World Records once listed Commodore 64 as the best-selling computer model of all time.
I might actually buy one.
I'm considering it, though it would really just be more clutter for the house.

If I did get it, I'd probably swap the guts for a Raspberry Pi 4 and you have to factor in a better joystick than the nasty non micro-switched thing it ships with (unless they are going to address that with the full size version - it sorely needs addressing).
Adam knew he should have bought a PC but Eve fell for the marketing hype.

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