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After 20 Years SETI Project is shutting down

After 20 years of searching for alien life, SETI@Home is shutting down

After more than 20 years of inviting the public to help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), the distributed computing project SETI@Home is shutting down.

A lasting legacy
The SETI@Home project never did find any evidence of alien life, but it still leaves behind an important legacy as one of the first and most successful examples of distributed computing. Initially, the project intended to try to reach up to 100,000 home computer users, but it was far more widely used than was originally imagined.

Since it was released to the public in May 1999, over 5 million people have participated in the project. It was one of the pioneers of distributed computing, in which volunteers donate processor cycles to allow complex problems to be solved through the use of thousands of computers. Similar projects have sprung up for various functions in recent years

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