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Console gaming thread
Quote:Speaking to The Independent at IFA 2018, Yoshida said that the company believes its system - the PlayStation 4 - offers the best experience and thus shouldn't be compromised by users on other platforms. Yoshida goes on to say that some games already do allow cross-platform play with users on PC, reiterating that these decisions are made to provide the best user experience.

It's perfectly natural for any company to believe that their product is better than the competition - after all, that's what they're in the market for. However, Sony seems to be the only one using that belief as an excuse to prevent users on different platforms from playing games together, so it's hard to see this as a logical reason for the decision.
Quote:At IFA 2018, Sony's CEO Kenichiro Yoshida flaunted what he called the "best experience" offered by the PlayStation 4 to users as the main reason for the lack of support for cross-platform play on the gaming console. Yoshida made that statement in response to the backlash faced by Sony for blocking cross-play and progression in Fortnite on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Now, Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra retorts the remark.

Responding to Yoshida's recent statement on the cross-play issue, Ybarra said on Twitter that Sony "still isn't listening to gamers."
Quote:If the best interests of the user are so paramount to Sony, why does using an Epic Fortnite account on the PS4 permanently block the account from being used on the Nintendo Switch? How is that restriction — which hit Switch owners with no warning — in any way justifiable?

It isn’t, of course. I’m just tired of pretending that the hypocrisy on these issues is something other than what it is. The only thing Sony is defending is its own pocket, and the only thing that’s going to change that is if customers vote with their wallets and opt to buy games on platforms where such restrictions aren’t in play.
But you don’t have to be an eternal devotee of late-2000s RPG gaming to recognize a tension between the way the game industry is moving and Sony’s insistence on the “best interest” of its fans.

Major game developers are moving towards titles that they can keep running for years. There are fewer true console exclusives with every passing generation. Devices like the Switch have emphasized the idea of taking a title on-the-go and playing with friends, while console gamers are aware that Sony is the problem holding up this particular feature. You could even argue that the rise of services like Twitch and content sharing indirectly contributes to fostering an atmosphere in which cross-play is expected because it encourages viewers to expect that content will be shared. In other words, it’s not just large-scale trends, like faster internet speeds that have encouraged cross-platform play — it’s the evolving expectations and desires of the player base.

For now, Sony is safe in its position. The Xbox One will not catch the PS4. The Switch may catch the PS4, but that’s unlikely to happen before the PlayStation 5 launches in 2020. But as Microsoft could testify, console launches have a nasty habit of resetting user brand preferences and a company that performs well in one generation can find itself floundering the next. Come 2020, Sony could find itself distinctly out of step with what consumers want — especially if Microsoft and Nintendo keep hammering the company on the issue until then.
Quote:Members of the Resetera community have discovered that some Nintendo Switch games have had their listings updated to reflect whether or not they support the save data cloud backup feature that's included as part of the online service membership. It was already known that not every game would support it, but now we're getting an idea of which titles didn't make the cut, and it seems that some of Nintendo's own games are being left behind.
Splatoon and Pokémon are two of Nintendo's biggest franchises on the hybrid console, and it seems like a significant oversight on its part to leave the feature out. Some users have speculated that, because these games have big online components, this could be to prevent cheating in ways that would allow players to have a significant advantage over others. On the other hand, it's unclear why titles such as Dark Souls also don't support it, seeing as they do it on other platforms, though recent reports indicate that each publisher can make that decision for their own games.

Up until now, Nintendo fans may have been worried about the lack of communication from the company and what could possibly come from its online service after being delayed for so long. Information like this is more likely to confirm rather than alleviate those fears, and it could end up hurting the Switch's image.
Quote:Admittedly, the lack of game backups is the kind of problem most people don’t think about until they have a damaged console to deal with, but this is just absurd. The ability to backup saved games was present on PCs from the beginning, thanks to manual file copies, but the original PlayStation had a mechanism through which players could copy save game files from one card to another. Nintendo’s decision to require a subscription service in order to save games is incredibly consumer-hostile. The fact that the service you pay for can’t even back up every game in the library is icing on the rhetorical cake.

For me, an issue like this would make the SwitchSEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commerce a non-starter, even if I were considering buying one. I got my start in PC gaming and my heart rate still speeds up when I/O accesses take an unusually long time. That delay, followed by a repetitive grind/whirr, meant you were probably going to be (re)playing a lot more of the game than you intended to when you sat down. Losing a hard drive unexpectedly a few years back reinforced the lesson.

Not having much time to game doesn’t mean you don’t love gaming. It means you have to be very conscious of how you spend your time. Nintendo doesn’t care enough about your time to provide a saved game solution that actually functions reliably and keeps your game data backed up even when you’re paying them for it. Clearly, it’s a minor point to millions of people who have kept the Switch at the top of the sales charts. But it shouldn’t be. There is no excuse nor reason for an incredibly successful game company not providing its customers with a robust backup service whether they pay for an online service package or not. But there’s truly no excuse for providing such a service for money and then failing to make it robust.
Nintendo seems to be determined to be as big of a jerk as possible.
Quote:We already knew that Nintendo’s service wouldn’t work with every game. What’s new — and this information wasn’t disclosed in the most recent Nintendo Direct — is that the Nintendo Switch Online service may delete your saved games as soon as you stop paying for it.
We’ve also learned that the NES Classic library you can download will only be playable for up to a week without an internet connection. That’s better than the day Microsoft proposed for the Xbox One back at its debut but raises the question of why Nintendo needs a guaranteed sign-in function for frickin’ NES games in the first place. Is anybody so desperate to play 40-year-old Nintendo games they’re going to try to steal them on the Switch? Nintendo is obviously concerned they are.

The more Nintendo reveals about this service, the worse it looks. Subscribe in perpetuity, or lose access to your saved games forever in the event of total system loss.
Switch online service goes live:
Sony announces PlayStation Classic, details on how to preorder:
Sega Mega Drive Mini delayed until next year:
Sony announces the impending end of production of the PS Vita:
Quote:Best Buy and Game Stop were one of the first to list the console for pre-order in the United States, and it looks like the former might have depleted its pre-order inventory (the website is now showing the product as 'coming soon'). It also looks like Amazon has tapped out, marking the product as 'unavailable'. You aren't out of luck though, as Game Stop still has it available, and now Target and Walmart are both offering the console for pre-order. You can find links to the product below, if you want to pre-order it.

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