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The death of nvidia's viral PR
(03-19-2015, 11:18 PM)RolloTheGreat Wrote: This seems very plausible. Pretty much any CPU or GPU can run the console based games, because consoles are pretty feeble PCs.

If you think about it, has ANY tech review site done anything but fade since ABT was launched? I said it then, I'll repeat it now, "We're scavenging the bones of a dead medium.". PC gaming is alive and well as long as hardware firms keep prices reasonable but the review sites and forums are the ham radios of this decade. Yes, some guys still use them, but it's getting rare.

For Mark, getting some free video cards and hotel rooms is probably "success". So he may not have won our bet, but in my opinion he got what he needed out of it. A hobby for his retirement.

It's matured like Car sales. Still need show rooms and test drives and there will always be folks that tinker with their car or in this case, PC for highest performance as possible or for the buck.

Problem is there is not so many PC models or parts such as Video cards as there are Cars available.

It's all about the scale.

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