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DirectX 12 Outperforms Mantle
[Image: dx12_api_perf_mantle-100575202-orig.png]
the truth is DX12 is Mantle

AMD just Mantle performance back not only to trick the public but they also didnt want to upset M$.

Once they finished Mantle, the took out the intentional gimping of performance and renamed it DX12 then gave it to M$.
PC World must be a biased NVIDIA shill site.

There is NO WAY Microsoft could have done something better than AMD's all stars. Everyone knows Mantle lets devs code to the metal and as such is superior to all other APIs.

What's "really" interesting about the above is the 10X+ jump in performance with Mantle.

All the benches I've ever seen of Mantle were pathetic little gains, and only on really low end GPUs. I'm thinking the benchmark here must coded specifically to show DX12 in an amazing light.
Seriously what else would you expect from FutureMark?! DirectX is their specialty. Always has been. I'm amazed they did anything at all with Mantle.
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