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Shield Portable 2 On The Way
Quote:But casual gamers with a deep-rooted love for a little green robot always hoped the OG Shield, now dubbed Shield Portable, wouldn’t be abandoned altogether, no matter the success of the Tablet follow-up and recent set-top box series installment.

As it turns out, they were right to cling to their apparently doomed dreams, despite two whole years going by without so much as a teaser from Santa Clara or wild rumor regarding a sequel. Yes, ladies and gents, a new easy to transport, 5-inch or so Shield is incoming, at least according to Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance admission data.

Both organizations seem to have given their technical blessings to a P2523 “gaming device – portable”, carrying advanced Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi ac support. Alas, no additional information is provided, although it’s probably safe to assume an octa-core 64-bit Tegra X1 CPU based on Maxwell microarchitecture will find its way under the hood to drive power-demanding tasks.

Perhaps paired with 4 GB RAM to eclipse nearly every Android smartphone around, and definitely with pre-installed Lollipop software.

Typically, when these regulatory approvals start to pile on, a formal unveil is a matter of weeks, sometimes days. But not always. In this particular case, we reckon Nvidia wants to put the Android TV-based Shield up for sale first, and only then strengthen its mobile product portfolio.
Thrilling. [Image: bored-expression-smiley-emoticon.gif]
Adam knew he should have bought a PC but Eve fell for the marketing hype.

Homeopathy is what happened when snake oil salesmen discovered that water is cheaper than snake oil.

The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it. -- George Carlin
I think I'd have to actually try a Shield to have any opinion on it.

Thus far what I've read has not tempted me enough to buy one.
(03-30-2015, 09:21 PM)gstanford Wrote: Thrilling.  [Image: bored-expression-smiley-emoticon.gif]

I think the portable gaming market (at least for adults) has came and went.

My son's PS Vita is a very capable portable. I've never used it. He only uses it if when we're away from his consoles/PCs.

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