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The DLC Double Standard
My thoughts on DLC.

DLC is a point of controversy these days. Which is weird, because any kind of DLC will get bashed as "it should have been in the game to begin with!" or "NICKEL AND DIMING". Including the DLC that a decade ago was called expansion packs and back then was welcomed as adding new content. Delivery method of expansion packs has changed, the content didn't really change, but it's lumped in as "DLC" and therefore evil. Don't forget, no one ever held a gun to your head and ordered you to buy DLC or past expansion packs.

It gets even worse. There is a huge double standard on the more recent form of DLC, namely small transactions to permanently gain weapons and hats. Weapons and gear transactions are understandable, as you actually get something for your money. And, like EA has done with Battlefield, you can put some of the transactions on sale for free. Then we get to hats, which Hat Fortress 2-I mean Team Fortress 2 pioneered.

Hats are fucking insane. Why should you pay real money for mere cosmetics that don't give you an additional functionality? I come from the world of flight simulators. All of the hats/skins there are free. I can get tens of thousands of skins and amass skin libraries upwards of 40 GB, all for free thanks to people's love of the games. Which is the attitude we need to preserve gaming communities.

Yet the same people who throw away their money on hats that should have been free are the first to scream that small transactions for weapons and gear are "PAY TO WIN" and "NICKEL AND DIMING". If that's "NICKEL AND DIMING", then what the hell happened to you Hat Fortress 2 players, grand theft?

The DLC that was available a decade ago hasn't changed. The players have. They feel entitled to having every bit of content in a game to be available at release date. They feel entitled to wasting their money on cosmetics. And frankly, they deserve to have Valve and Riot rip them off by the supertanker load every single day.
The only DLC that is acceptable in my eyes is that like the Skyrim DLC's and even then, I'll only purchase it a bundled with the game form (like Skyrim: Legendary Edition).
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