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ASRock Messes Up The M8
Quote:Unfortunately, ASRock didn't fix the most damning issue that Thomas discovered in his initial review, which is the orientation of the exhaust and intake fans. Both the top and bottom sport one intake and one exhaust, respectively. This still results in recirculated exhaust, with cold intake blowing right back out before passing over any hardware. To correct the problem, Thomas tore the case down, cut some cable sheathing and flipped some fans around, allowing cold air to enter on the bottom, pass over the hardware and exhaust out of the top of the case. The result was a monumental decrease in CPU temperature to the tune of 20 degrees C under load.

Considering the improvement's impact, and that implementing his change wouldn't cost ASRock anything, we're disappointed to see the modification wasn't made.

The ITX form factor is already quite popular. As hardware continues to get smaller and more efficient, enthusiasts will be able to cram higher performance into compact cases. There's a lot of room in this space for unique and innovative products. ASRock's entry is solid, and it enjoyed an early start, too. As such, it's a shame that the company didn't pursue the unoptimized airflow we pointed out back in late 2013. Instead, ASRock chose to update the M8's motherboard and power supply.

The ASRock M8 is a case we want to love. Stylish ITX enclosures are becoming more common, as are home theater PCs. The M8 does have a ton of potential. But unless you're willing to invest some effort in shuffling its parts around, we're having a hard time wholeheartedly recommending a product that could easily be made better.
Was it overheating?
Of course it was. 20 C when it's unnecessary is overheating.
(04-05-2015, 10:17 PM)SteelCrysis Wrote: Of course it was. 20 C when it's unnecessary is overheating.

Doesn't mean anything unless the chip shuts down.
That is true, but why leave 20 C of free cooling improvement on the table without taking it?

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