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I'm Not The Only One Who Sees Google Fiber As Fiber-To-The-Press-Release
Just read the comments. Of course, there are also plenty of Google Fiber defenders who say Google Fiber shamed the ISPs into providing faster speeds, when in reality DOCSIS 3.0 is responsible:
Quote:Google Fiber: Best Head Fake Ever!!!
Quote:Yet, it only takes a real ISP about 6 months from start to finish to build. I seen WOW expand into new areas. Was done over a summer. That included obtaining more ROWs, working with the State of Ohio and the Cities for construction permits. Yet GF has taken 5 years, and they have less to build a few "huts" and a fiber line. Yet, still, those poor saps still believe Google will come. Charlotte will be at least 10 to 15 years out at this point and so will any other city.
Quote:actually it wasn't just fiber, it was coax as well. And actually, it still was done faster. ROW contract was completed within 2 months and was done with the worst power company in the country- First Energy. And WOW is expanding like crazy and building in completely new markets without problem.

So yes, in 10-15 years Charlotte and the other cites still will NOT have service. Just another nail in the coffin that shows that Google is not a huge threat and actually is no threat at all in the end. ATT can take their time upgrading, Comcast and Charter can take over TWC and upgrade to D3 and Ethernet - hell even build FTTH and still be years ahead of GF without any problems.
Quote:I don't understand why so many people continue to worship Google Fiber when they have delivered so little. If anyone is guilty of "Fiber to the Press" it's Google. Google is only doing this as a way to sucker their "competition" into deploying faster networks to service their need for more profits.

If Google was serious about building these fiber networks they would be much further along.
Quote:EPB passed more homes in 12-18 months....
Quote:And that is what I have been saying all along. 5 years to build out in Austin. KC is well over 5 years at this point and still not finished with probably no plans on finishing. Google is allowed and praised for cherry picking, yet when FiOS or U-Verse isn't in every neighborhood this site, and the visitors and everyone else across the Internet claim illegal and cherry picking. Google is no better than anyone else. They're blowing smoke and that's all they do.

The KC metro area will probably end up being part of the former SureWest network.

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