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Sony does something that impresses me!

If they can roll this out nationwide, it will be HUGE.
When i direst started reading, i was like big deal.  But then after i kept reading, it really started to look interesting.

stuff like this
Quote:Vue also makes the last three days of "popular programming" available without needing to schedule it for a recording, making it easier to catch up on a premiere you might have forgotten to save.

now that is really neat

or this

Quote:Since Sony’s DVR is cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about any conflicts when saving items for later

but it gets even better,

Quote:nd once you’ve saved a show, you’ll have access to all episodes of the show that have aired in the last 28 days.

DVR one show you find you like and then have access to all the episodes that aired in the last 28days

Come on, that is really freaking cool.

To bad this is such a limited launch. Perhaps they need to build data centers just like netflix. You know how these cable providers get if someone is using up bandwidth. If you dont, check out what netflix has had to go through
This is definitely light years above SlingTV, albeit at more than double the cost.

I'd like to see a few more players in this market and legit competitor to cable for modems. If we had that it would be the end of the $200 cable bill.

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