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Interesting ATi R300 information
I was cleaning out an old hard-drive today and stumbled across an old ATi powerpoint written by none other than our very good friend Richard FUDdy.

I had a quick reread of the document and unearthed a gem or two in it. How I missed them back in the day I don't know, wish I hadn't.

Pages 24 and 30 are the ones of interest, page 24 in particular.

You may recall ATi trying to stir up trouble over Anisotropic filtering and the use of trilinear with x800. It eventually blew up in their faces and became known as the 3dmurk scandal. Techreport covered it well.

How very fascinating then that the R300 optimization guide states:
Quote:Avoid using Tri-linear anisotropic filtering unless the quality win justifies it

You wouldn't mention "tri-linear anisotropic" filtering unless the alternative was to use "bi-linear anisotropic" filtering, you would just say "Avoid using anisotropic filtering unless the quality win justifies it".

[Image: ATi_filteringmodes.jpg]

Page 30 is interesting because ATi criticized nvidia for inserting clipping planes into 3DMark03 as a way of boosting performance but you can plainly see that AMD considers clipping planes to be an important optimization worth telling developers about.

[Image: ATi_Clip_Plane_Optimization.jpg]

.pdf   HuddyOptimization.pdf (Size: 107.3 KB / Downloads: 1)
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