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Corsair Says Their H80i GT Beats A Noctua NH-D15
Of course, they only show silhouettes of the air coolers and some hints, but they're obvious. Air cooler 1 is a NH-D15, air cooler 2 is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and air cooler 3 is a bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 3. I have my doubts that a H80i GT can actually beat a NH-D15.
Wonderful. Until the liquid cooler leaks and you lose all your electronics in the case because of it.......

Not to mention the risk of electrical fire due to short circuits.....
Adam knew he should have bought a PC but Eve fell for the marketing hype.

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my lq320 has been going 2 1/2 years strong
Corsair is not the only one to say the H80i GT beats the NH-D15.
I use an h60 and it's great. It's about as good as a Hyper 212, maybe a little bit better.
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only 13dB louder!!!!!!`

What a gem

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