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Windstream ripping off consumers and Tax payers more than ever

Windstream Declares Network 'Real Estate' In Clever Tax Move

In July of last year, Windstream announced that the company would be spinning off a significant portion of the company's fixed-line network assets into into an independent, publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT). The IRS granted the company's request to reclassify most of Windstream's copper and fiber-optic lines as real estate, allowing it to reduce its tax bill by millions of dollars annually.

According to the company, the move will "enable Windstream to accelerate network investments, provide enhanced services to customers and maximize shareholder value."

Such "enhanced services," should money actually be spent on them, would be welcome given that our user reviews of the company have historically been less than stellar. An FCC report also has cited Winstream as one of the nation's worst performers in terms or delivering advertised speeds at peak hours.
Bastards have raised the lousy 1 meg DSL connection from $25 month to $55 a month all while claiming it is a 6 meg DSL speed connection. It struggles to reach 1 meg.

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