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Death Toll over 7,000 in Nepal 7.8 Quake

Aid scarce in quake-hit Nepal villages

One week after the strongest tremor to hit impoverished Nepal in eight decades, aid has been slow in reaching those who need it most. In many places it has not come at all.

U.N. humanitarian officials said Saturday that they were increasingly worried about the spread of disease. They said more helicopters were needed to reach isolated mountain villages like Pauwathok, which were hard to access even before the quake.

The true extent of the damage from the magnitude-7.8 earthquake is still unknown as reports keep filtering in from remote areas, some of which remain entirely cut off.

Nepal has been shaken by more than 70 aftershocks following the April 25 quake

The government said Sunday that the quake had killed 7,040 people.

David O'Neill of U.K. International Search and Rescue said a team from his group had driven as far as it could, then walked for hours into six remote villages to assess them. The team reported that the villages had been so badly hit, 80 percent of their inhabitants had died.

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