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Microsoft Bashes Google For Effectively Not Updating Android
Quote:It's no secret that Microsoft has a massive userbase and that once a month, the company will update all of these users with the latest patches. This day, called Patch Tuesday, delivers updates to over 858 million consumer devices which, by any measurement stick, is a tremendous undertaking for the company each month.

While announcing new security features for Windows 10, Myerson took on Android as well and bashed their security and update practices. He said "Google takes no responsibility to update costumer devices, refuses to take responsibility to update their devices, leaving end users and businesses increasingly exposed every day they use an Android device, Google ships a big pile of code with no commitment to update your device."

The point of these figures and Android bashing is to show that Microsoft understands security and is able to secure users at scale. With Windows 10, the company is introducing even more security features and update processes (Windows Update for Business) which makes the platform the best option for the enterprise.
M$ should shut their cake-hole on operating systems that don't get updated unless they are planning on reversing the end-of-life on Windows 7, Vista and XP......
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Meanwhile, Android's OS fragmentation problem isn't going away:

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