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AMD Releases Details About Zen
AMD's predicting a 40% IPC jump over Excavator for Zen. What's really interesting is what Joel says in the comments. Remember when I predicted that AMD could take advantage of an GPU efficiency boost to go full throttle? If Joel's sources are right, AMD could possibly do this:
Quote:Rumors I've heard from knowledgable sources suggest a substantial uplift over the R9 290X with a perf/watt rate that should be competitive with Nvidia, even if the raw power consumption isn't.

I expect a performance uplift over previous-gen products on the order of 1.3x - 1.5x over and above the R9 290X. We shall see if AMD can keep the entire card appealing, but that's what I hear.
Edit 2: The new socket to consolidate CPU and APU is called AM4:

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