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Woman fired for deleting tracking app manager required

Woman fired for deleting tracking app manager required

A California woman is suing her former employer after she claims she was fired for uninstalling a smartphone app that let her boss track her movements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Myrna Arias worked for the Intermex wire transfer service when she says her boss, John Stubits, fired her for deleting the Xora (now ClickSoftware) job management app from her smartphone.

Xora, the app that Arias complained about, tracks and manages mobile employees while they’re in the field.

Do you think Arias should have been fired for not using the app, as her suit alleges? Should employers be able to track workers when they’re not on the job?
Her boss has no right whatsoever to track her outside of work hours.

This story caused a storm of comments over at ArsTechnica.

Quote:The app had a "clock in/out" feature which did not stop GPS monitoring, that function remained on. This is the problem about which Ms. Arias complained. Management never made mention of mileage. They would tell her co-workers and her of their driving speed, roads taken, and time spent at customer locations. Her manager made it clear that he was using the program to continuously monitor her, during company as well as personal time.

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