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Google Fiber Supports Copyright Trolls
Fuck Google Fiber.
Quote:Not all ISPs forward these demands; AT&T, Verizon and Comcast forward the warnings of infringement, but refuse to include the settlement requests as part of their resistance to such efforts. ISPs in the States face no legal obligation to forward these notices to users in their entirety.

Many of the larger ISPs in the industry are refusing to forward these notices, arguing they violate user privacy and are often inaccurate. Many smaller ISPs, like Grande Communications and Birch Communications have decided to fight Rightscorp in court (and have been winning).

So why is Google playing along? The company says it's forwarding on the notices to be as transparent as possible.

"Although we think there are better solutions to fighting piracy than targeting individual downloaders, we want to be transparent with our customers," Google Fiber states.
"Fuck Google Fiber."
funny as I was reading the article ,I said this out loud.

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