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Nvidia Abandons Smartphones
From now on they'll be focusing on Shield and PC gaming. These are interesting:
Quote:Because Maxwell was Nvidia's first architecture designed for mobile first, but with the ability to scale up to massive parallelism in GPUs like the GM200, I asked Huang if he saw that same approach as the key to future architectures. The answer was a definitive yes. He called the decision to build Maxwell this way "one of the better strategic decisions we've ever made"
Huang also indicated that building it for both the lower power demands of mobile and the high performance needs of desktop (and even cloud applications) creates what he called a fantastic dichotomy for the engineers, an interesting and useful tension that served Maxwell nicely. The energy efficiency of Shield helped drive the performance of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, he said, and vice versa.
Huang was asked about 4K gaming in the cloud, to which he responded with great enthusiasm, but he also pointed out that the infrastructure is still the complicating factor.

He said that cloud gaming's killer application wasn't an application at all, but the use case for cloud: the click and play convenience of it. No more disks, no more stores, no more long downloads. "Convenience," he said, "is the future of all computing." However, he predicted that we're still a couple of years away from having the technology, infrastructure and the end to end experience.
decent read


this part

Quote:When asked about high bandwidth, or stacked memory for Pascal, Huang quickly touted the Maxwell memory architecture and then said that what matters is performance and efficiency. The future will likely hold stacked memories, but for now the cost of that memory is high and the availability is low. "It's a little too early to use it," he said.

People dont seem to realize that nvidia sells 3 GPUs to every 1 AMD sales. He straight up says there is a capacity issue with HBM, he is probably not making that up. AMD seems to be struggling with something when it comes to fiji. I had real high hopes for it but there seems to be some pretty serious issue(s).

Capacity may be one of them.

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