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Supreme Court backs Barack Obama's healthcare legacy
I totally agree with that.  It is 100% truth.  

But your anger is misplaced.   You blame the poor for being poor.  But there has always been a percentage of people that have absolutely no drive.  Just like a percentage will be drug addicts/ alcoholics.  Being angry at them is like being angry at mosquitoes.   Dont waste your time on such pettiness.  

There will always be mosquitoes.  But this day and age, the really powerful have figured out a way to have them feed of the middle-class, instead of out of the mega rich and powerful corporations.  And the beautiful part is, what they collect from the middle class goes straight into those corporations pocket.  See, in this day and age, the corporations have found clever ways to tax us.  If you really think on this, you should be able to easily see and connect the dots.

Here is another fun fact,
Before obamacare, these people would drain by going into emergency rooms without the ability to pay.  Someone had to pay, the hospitals arent going to loose, so they double and triple charge the people who have insurance and can pay.  Insurance companies didnt like having to pay 1000$ for an aspirin, but there was little that could be done about it.  So they pushed a lot of that extra cost to the individuals.  Deductibles went up, the cost to the individual grew and grew.  All while hospitals and insurance companies still got rich.  But behind doors, the master scam was being dreamed up.  One that would do more than pay for these emergency room visits.  Not only do they resolve that for the insurance companies and hospitals, big pharma gets to eat the rest of the cake.  This plan dreamed up is of epic proportions.  The payout is beyond comprehension.  

Have you ever heard of Romneycare?

Well, take a look at this:

The key difference between the two is how they were marketed.  At the heart, what they do.......iI challenge you to dig into this.  Forget about the liberal claims and republican posturing.  Look at romneycare and obamacare, with your own eyes and without bias.  It is more than clear that these are cut from the same cloth.  

Do you also know that in this last presidential race, we only had a choice between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?  How cool is that?

See, remember what propaganda is and its original intent.  The public will be easily fooled because they are stupid.  The ones cashing in will not be smiling to your face, some go a step further and put on a show.....oh how obamacare hurt them........yeah, hook line and sinker

just for kicks, i googled big pharma and obamacare.......what do you know!!!

The biggest backers in getting obamacare passed are behind the the right wing agenda to "destroy" obamacare!!!

lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol


I cannot believe, you rollo, would fall for this crap.

It is all for show.  The ones stealing and profiting play the opposite rolem they go out of their way to put out an appearance all while planting these ideas in your head.  And in the end, you are mad at the poor..............hook line and sinker

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