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Steam Link/Steam Machine Pre-Orders Sell Out
Quote:Earlier this month, Valve announced its "Get It Early" promotion, where customers could not only pre-order the Steam Controller and Steam Link, or the Alienware or Syber Steam Machines, but also have it by October 16, weeks before the actual release date of November 10. Unfortunately for those who have yet to pre-order the hardware, the number of devices available in October has sold out.

Valve didn't provide an actual number of pre-orders with the promotion, but considering that it took less than a month to sell out, the numbers should be impressive. If anything, this is a good sign for the company that the long-awaited hardware is still a sought-after product. (Unless of course Valve is playing a low-volume game here to create the illusion of demand.)[emphasis mine]
Quote:Earlier this month, Valve Software introduced an “early bird” program that offered purchase of Steam Machine hardware due to be released on October 16. The catch was that customers needed to pre-order the hardware as soon as possible, as the number of units would be limited. Rumor has it that as of June 29, all Steam Controllers and Steam Link units are sold out. The Alienware and Syber Steam Machines are presumably sold out as well.

While that sounds incredibly positive, there is no reliable information regarding the number of units that were in the company’s stockpile, or how many Steam Machines were actually sold during such a small window. We reached out to Valve to clarify the news but as of this posting, the company has not responded.
Will the Steam Machine initiative steal living room space away from the console giants? That’s the intention, but with game launches like Batman: Arkham Knight, consumers may be hesitant about dumping money into as new machine with games that could cause similar launch headaches. That said, Valve may have sold out of Controllers and Steam Link set-top-boxes, but sales of actual Steam Machines? Maybe.
What did they do about 90% of games being DX?

How many of the newer hits will run on the steam machine?
I don't know for sure what "they" did about 90% of games being DirectX. What I do know is that every big game coming to Linux is also coming to Windows. I also know that there's no incentive to go from Windows to Linux because of no compelling exclusives, and the fact that Windows just works, while Linux rarely just works. Considering how Batman: Arkham Knight will be released for Mac OS X, Linux, and SteamOS in fall 2015 (, and WB's vulnerable position, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Valve blackmailed WB into releasing the game on those platforms by threatening to never allow the game to resume sales for Windows if they didn't comply.

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