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Chicago starts taxing Internet at 9%

Chicago's new 'cloud tax' raises some questions about the future of streaming services

A new "cloud tax" takes effect today in Chicago, according and streaming services as well as online databases sit in the crosshairs. The tax is a combination of two recent rulings from the Department of Finance: the first covers "electonically delivered amusements" such Netflix and Spotify, and the second covers "nonpossessory computer leases" like Amazon Web Services or Lexis Nexis.

Each ruling takes an existing tax law and configures it to levy another 9 percent tax on some online services. What does this mean in dollars and cents? With the new law, $100 of server time in Joliet would cost an extra nine dollars if you're in Chicago.
I'm so glad I got out of Chicago 2 years ago but what if this sticks and spreads across the U.S.?
In before the ISP shills start crowing that this is somehow a net neutrality tax.
Valve hater, Nintendo hater, Microsoft defender, AMD hater, Google Fiber hater, 4K lover.

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