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APU GPU Equivalent.
An A10 and A8 processor would be equivalent to about which AMD or nVidia stand alone video card respectively?

are you looking at laptops? or desktops?

AMD APUs are pretty weak.  What model specifically?

The CPU cores are weak and none of them compare to a gtx750.  Not even close.  They are slower than the gt640 and hd 7750. They look to be slower than the age old 8800gt even.

You might can do some light gaming on low settings.  But AMD APUs are not exciting in any way. Intel CPUs caught AMD APUs graphic performances some time back and absolutely blow them away when it comes to CPU performance.  
Today, intel blows away AMD APU graphics as well.  

No contest:

[Image: 17-IGP-GTA-V.png][Image: 15-IGP-Half-Life-2.png]
[Image: 14-IGP-Bioshock-Infinite.png]

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