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Video released shows police killing unarmed man in LA suburb

Video released shows police killing unarmed man in LA suburb

The city of Gardena argued that releasing the footage would create a "rush to judgment" about the officers' behavior, but Wilson dismissed that idea during arguments Monday. The judge said the public may see the videos and conclude the shooting was justified, which is what prosecutors decided.

Footage shows the final moments of the encounter as an officers yells, "Get your hands up."

Diaz-Zeferino and two other men stand with their backs to a sidewalk and arms in the air.

Diaz-Zeferino, who was drunk, then lowered his hands and slowly took about five small steps toward police. He spread his arms out with palms open as if to plead with them. Told to put them back up, he complied, then removed his ball cap and lowered his hands as shots were fired.

From one angle, his palms are open and facing upward. Footage from a second camera behind two of the officers showed Diaz-Zeferino's right hand briefly swung out of view at his waist when they fired.

The officers said they feared he was reaching for a weapon.
I'm sorry, I cannot come to the same conclusion that the execution was justified.

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