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Justice for all
Crime, his headphones were up too loud. Cop took him out so fast he probably didnt even know what was going on, he couldnt have known. Looks like he did hear something and turned around to see a person charging at him with a gun. The problem is that he had headphones on and his pants were falling off him. If you ever see someone charging you with a gun, so many things might come to mind. Yes, this person was a cop but you often dont see cops charging at you with a gun. I am sure it was a little confusing, especially with his headphones on. The cop shot him just after this kid turned around. like 2 seconds. You can only imagine what was going thru his mind in that extremely brief amount of time.

Yeah, but this cop got 100% away with it. Scott free. Of course, this happened a year ago. But it hasnt got an ounce of media attention others get. White cop killing colored people, these get sensationalized for whatever reason. See, this occurred days after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson.
Dave, here is a link you should love
I've heard that a St Louis TV station is getting sued for not reporting on black cops killing black people. That's the severity of the double standard, and proof that white privilege doesn't exist, but rather white disprivilege.
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(08-01-2015, 09:44 AM)ocre Wrote: What about this, dave?

This cop got 100% away with it. Scott free.

Crazy, that cop Bron Cruz should be serving at least a life sentence in prison now.

That was just a straight up execution.

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