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Texas woman cavity searched roadside during traffic stop
Texas woman cavity searched roadside during traffic stop

A Spring woman claims sheriff's deputies violated constitutional protections by conducting a body cavity search on the concrete of a Texaco gas station parking lot during a routine traffic stop in late June.

Charnesia Corley, a 21-year-old African American, was driving in northern Harris County around 10:30 p.m. on June 21 when a male deputy pulled her over for allegedly running a stop sign. He said he smelled marijuana, handcuffed Corley, put her in his vehicle and searched her car for almost an hour. He didn't find any pot, according to her attorney, Sam Cammack.

Returning to his car where Corley was held, the deputy again said he smelled marijuana and called in a female deputy to conduct a cavity search. When the female deputy arrived, she told Corley to pull her pants down, but Corley protested because she was cuffed and had no underwear on. The deputy ordered Corley to bend over, pulled down her pants and began to search her.

Then, according to Cammack, Corley stood up and protested, so the deputy threw her to the ground and restrained her while another female was called in to assist. When backup arrived, each deputy held one of Corley's legs apart to conduct the probe.

According to court documents, Corley was arrested for possession of marijuana and for resisting arrest; a criminal complaint says Corley pushed a deputy with her hip and kicked her with her foot. [url=]KTRK TV
reports deputies seized a half-gram of marijuana, but didn't say where it was located.
At least she is still alive in this case.
She would've never been raped by these cops if marijuana were legalized in Texas, one of the states least likely to ever legalize it. Half a GRAM of it is less than a single joint, keeping in mind that an ounce is 28 grams. Racist cop simply says something like: "I don't like the smell of you, so I gotta show you what I'm made of." So, he's shown himself to be a molester and a rapist who should be imprisoned for twice as long as ordinary rapists out there since he had the greater responsibility of protecting these same citizens that he was sworn to.
Ok with science that the big bang theory requires that fundamental scientific laws do not exist for the first few minutes, but not ok for the creator to defy these laws...  Rolleyes

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