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Should "lookism" be prohibited under the law?
It's pretty hard to enforce, I would say.

The male lawyer is wise and correct in this debate.
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Quote:Should "lookism" be prohibited under the law?

The fact that this question can be asked with a straight face is sad.

In the context of the video, obesity has increased cost associated with it- this is a reality. Obesity has increased health risks associated with it- this is a reality. Overwhelmingly, obesity is also a choice(with a few medical exceptions, those are rather rare).

If someone chooses to make themselves more expensive to employ on any significant statistical basis, employers should not only be allowed to 'discriminate' by asking about it, but also charge people accordingly.

For the record- I'm a smoker, have been for closing in on thirty years- been paying extra for my insurance now for a long ass time- not *complaining* about it in any way whatsoever- stating a fact. It is an unhealthy choice I have made myself and it is entirely reasonable that I should have to pay for that choice.

In a broader sense, certain jobs need to have people who appear a certain way. Nothing wrong with that.

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