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Italian City Ditching OpenOffice
Turns out OpenOffice doesn't cut costs. I wonder what would happen if they tried LibreOffice.
Quote:It might sound surprising, but according to the municipality's head of the statistics and information systems department, Stefano Bruscoli - who was interviewed by the authors of the report - the savings are largely due to the significant and unexpected deployment costs that the administration faced when it decided to rollout OpenOffice and abandon the on-premise version of Microsoft Office that it had used up until 2011.

"We encountered several hurdles and dysfunctions around the use of specific features," Bruscoli says in the report. "What's more, due to the impossibility of replacing Access and partly Excel (various macros used on tens of files), we decided we had to keep a hybrid solution, using the two systems at the same time. This mix has been devastating," he adds.

In particular, having to repaginate and tweak a number of documents due to a lack of compatibility between the proprietary and the open source systems translated into a considerable waste of time and productivity. The management estimates that every day roughly 300 employees had to spend up to 15 minutes each sorting out such issues.

With time and experience, these problems could be countered; still, they significantly affected the efficiency of Pesaro's offices during the early phase of the rollout.

Also, OpenOffice, according to the report, was slow when used to 'call' specific applications the municipality used to manage its various departments. The IT support that had to be provided to employees further added to the migration bill.

Overall, Netics researchers estimated a yearly cost per user of €530.38 over a five-year period for the open source software, 93 percent of which came from deployment costs.

By contrast, for Office 365, the cost was €197.49 a year. According to the researchers, the lower figure is due to workers' greater familiarity with a Microsoft working environment, and better compatibility with different file formats offered by the proprietary product.

The amount could be lower still if the savings from using Office 365's communication and collaboration functionalities were included in the figure, the researchers say. Using Skype for Business and Yammer, unnecessary spending on calls and business trips could be cut and the total cost per user per year could drop to €111.98.

It's worth noting however that the study isn't comparing two products whose feature sets and functionalities are an exact match. OpenOffice and Office 365 are fundamentally different: the former works on-premise and has no collaboration features embedded by default; the latter is a cloud product, with all the points of strength and weaknesses that using a hosted product brings.
Yeah, didn't like OpenOffice myself. Online Google Docs actually does the job easier for all of my kids' homeworks.
Ok with science that the big bang theory requires that fundamental scientific laws do not exist for the first few minutes, but not ok for the creator to defy these laws...  Rolleyes
I like LibreOffice and I use it all the time. It's not as nice as MS Office but it's free and it gets the job done.

Actually freeware in general is awesome. I would run Linux on all my rigs if I could play my Steam games on it. The amount of free software available on Linux is mind boggling.

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