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Robot show
There isn't a lot of what I do that I get to share but for the past 2 yrs I have been "nominated" to put on a robot show for family day where I work.  I got nominated again for this years it appears.  This is a video I recorded from the robot show 2014.  Not sure if you guys will appreciate it but i do believe that this kind of a robot show is very rare.  Perhaps one of a kind.  I don't know of any other company or anyone doing anything like this.  

We set up this robot for robot shows a couple yrs ago and have built it up each yr.  The 2014 robot show was the work of me and 1 other person.  We had 3 weeks to work on the project, after hours and on the weekend. Believe it or not, doing something like this takes a lot of work. Lots of programming, innovative hacking, and drive to pull this off in the little bit of time we had to do this.  

Just an example, the lightsaber was just a cheap ole 10$ crap toy that came from a guy on the street selling them on 4th of July.  I bought an 8$ remote control car and turned it into a wirelessly controlled lightsaber that turns on/off and changes color at the robots command.
It is actually much more complex than that, the robot actually sends out the digital output and a toyopuc PLC outputs to a relay box that is directly under the robot.....yeah....those 8$ remote control cars have very little range.  They do sell wireless lightsabers, we just didn't have the time to get one shipped, they were on back order.  

This can go on and on about all the little things.  But anyway, here is a recording a made after the show.  The robot had been running all day, unattended and flawless.  See, it's one thing to make the robot do something but entirely another to have sustainability. Repeatability, with so many different sequences, all being random depending on the spectators choice- that is a challenge all in itself.

This show is essentially a machine built from the ground up.  It has an hmi and multiple functions that a user commands.  The work it does is for pure entertainment.  It is a fun version of the real machines at our plant.  

I was gonna post this last yr but never got around to it.  Since I am now starting to work on the 2015 robot show, I decided to find the SD card and put it on YouTube.  they are in their raw and unedited formats, I may one day break them up into smaller videos.

The videos dont do it justice. The show was much more impressive in real life and during family day there was always a large group of people just magnetized surrounding it.  Kinds dancing and even their parents totally into it.  Heck, even people that work in the plant were amused.  But you won't see none of that, these vids were made hours after the event.

Hope you guys enjoy this.  It is something i was very proud of.  We tried to make it for all ages, if you can tell.  Things i thought would appeal to small toddlers as well as their grown elders.  I mean, the robot talks to them and plays cool is that,
Also, there was more to it, a lot more jokes if they hit the jokes button again.  Any sequence picked, there were little things that made it different from the last time.  You know, to break the monotony.
Haha very cool I love it! You're quite talented ocre! Smile
There are some other videos on my channel. I uploaded a few things from the 2013 robot show.
That show put a lot in place for the 2014 one. But, since then I built a sound effects microcontroller which gave us the ability to have the robot talk and call up sounds and songs however we see fit.
Awesome how you duplicated the voice from the WOPR
You'll love this, ocre:
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Ha, that is pretty awesome.

There used to be some battle bot show, I am sure they still have those types of contest.

That is more like building your own Mini Robot with RC control. I have actually built a robot batman for my son. This thing was extremely simple though, you could move it around (kind of like a tank) and swing it's arm.

The robot show at work was created with an industrial fanuc robot which is just a branch off a toyopuc PLC. Fanuc has its own Karel code, which would make it a simpler all in one system. Instead we have everything go thru toyopuc, making things a little more tricky. The robot does what ever it is told but the toyopuc Plc has to ovesee it. So there are a lot of handshakes and back and talking back and forth between the systems.

The battleship battle looks something like battle bots on water, as far as the technical challenges. I am gonna check it out more, need to see the weapons and such.

Thanks for the link
The battleship battle is part of Big Gun RC Warship Combat. There's a technically simpler version called Fast Gun RC Warship Combat, which you can learn about here:
Valve hater, Nintendo hater, Microsoft defender, AMD hater, Google Fiber hater, 4K lover.
Awesome dance moves with that robot!!! Show me your 2015 moves when you're ready, Ocre!
Ok with science that the big bang theory requires that fundamental scientific laws do not exist for the first few minutes, but not ok for the creator to defy these laws...  Rolleyes
This yr I am short on ideas and time.

Everyone loves to see the robot dance, so I am working on this yrs dance. I hate to be repeating things but these will be different songs and different dances.

Got some other ideas but still feeling out what exactly I want to do

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