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FrozenCPU Not Closing
Whew, they're a good bunch.
Quote:Depending on where your web travels have taken you lately, you may have heard that is going out of business. That would be a shame to lose another enthusiast vendor, as system builders have already lost Danger Den a little over two years ago (the site had been in business for 12 years at the time), and some of you might remember ZipZoomFly, another PC parts store that bit the dust. Well, the good news is FrozenCPU is not shutting down, according to the owner.

Word of FrozenCPU's demise originated at by someone claiming to be a former employee.

"The owner has struggled a long battle with addiction, and events that unfolded earlier last week have rendered the company unoperational and shut down for good. Physical damage of the warehouse has occurred as well as the dismissal of all support and warehouse staff; the company has no plans of re-establishing themselves," the ex-employee wrote.

A Swiftech rep suggested the post was accurate, though Swiftech's CEO Gabriel Rouchon later retracted the rep's statement, adding that his company has no official information on FrozenCPU.

HardOCP ended up contacting the owner, who confirmed that it's running with just a few people, but plans to stay in business.

"We just heard back from Mark Friga, the owner of, a long time enthusiast community supplier, and he explained to me that FrozenCPU is in fact not going out of business as rumored earlier today. He said that FrozenCPU is currently running a skeleton crew and to please bare with his company while the it is ramping back up to 100 percent employee capacity," HardOCP said.

We don't know what that means in terms of handling times when processing orders, but for now, it looks like FrozenCPU isn't going anywhere. If you want to support the site and don't mind potentially waiting a bit longer than usual, head over and place an order. Or kick back and see if there any new developments in the coming days/weeks.
never used them

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