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Verizon Socks Oregon Man With $2 Million Cell Phone Bill

Verizon Socks Oregon Man With $2 Million Cell Phone Bill

An Oregon man says that Verizon recently informed him that he owed the company $2 million dollars in overdue cell phone charges, the man said he and his girlfriend bought a pair of Verizon phones last November, but cancelled after being disappointed with Verizon's service.

“The number of errors and the comedy of which they happened is astounding to me,” he said.

But things got much, much worse when Verizon contacted collections agencies regarding a phantom $2,156,593.64 account balance.

The Verizon-prompted credit inquiry resulted in the man's mortgage company refusing to sign off a loan for a new house.
Computers run by these gigantic Corporations are ruining more and more lives everyday.
What gets me with these companies is that the billing errors are always in their favor.
If Volkswagen is losing like $20 billion worth just for the error with their computerized gas emissions check (instant 40% stock value drop) - not sure - I need to read the news and make sure that what I heard is correct, then....
Verizon should be sued for at least 10x that amount for the ludicrous amount that guy is being billed for!!!!!!! It's so BS and unfair.

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