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U.S. turning off Solar power
State solar users would lose savings if proposal is OKd; SolarCity describes 'catastrophic' future

Tired of growing electricity bills, Miguel Espinoza decided to turn to the sun, rather than the grid, for power.

The Inglewood resident signed in March with solar leasing giant SolarCity to fix his electric bills at $130 a month — down from the $250 to $300 he had been paying.

Those savings, however, would eventually evaporate if state regulators approve proposals from California utilities to charge solar users more for their connection to the grid.

"This thing would be worthless to me," Espinoza said.

The proposed fees could make solar power systems unaffordable — which is exactly what utilities want, Rive and other solar proponents say.

"This is a clear indication that the utilities are trying to stop competition and the solar industry," said Rive, whose San Mateo, Calif., company operates in 19 states.

A recent assessment by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center found that 16 of the 44 states with net-metering policies were considering or enacting changes. Wisconsin and Arizona recently imposed significant increases in the amounts that utilities can charge solar users.

Are other Countries turning off Solar Power?

I bet this is just a U.S. Corporate greed issue only.

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