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Google Fiber Only Has 100K-120K Subs In Kansas City
Wow, around 5–5.7% penetration after 3 years of availability. Google is so serious. Of course, the Google Fiber lapdogs at DSLReports hype it up, as does the study maker.
And of course, DSLReports whines about this, when the truth is that Google Fiber will not finish deploying to its deployments for years, if ever.
i blame time warner
I dunno...

I have a 25mbit connection and websites load up instantly for me. I can download at about 3MB/sec which I think is pretty good. I guess it would be cool to download huge games in a few minutes but I don't mind waiting a bit.

It seems as though Google gave up on their fibre optic network. It's too bad but I'm sure others will pick up where they left off. Bell and Rogers are both offering gigabit internet here in Canada now. It's expensive though; $150/month IIRC.
Even I can admit when Google Fiber has a positive effect.
Ahh, that's why Google is having a hard time, because they know the cable companies will compete at will. Therefore, making it hard and risky for Google to spend billions on infrastructure. But if Google can truly overcome the limitations of cable, perhaps Google will really accelerate the roll-out someday soon?

Perhaps demand isn't that great nowadays. I feel like my 50/50 FIOS connection is more than enough, for the entire family (wife and 5 kids, with 802.11n wifi for all the tablets and laptops, rather than 802.11ac which would only allow one device to consume the bandwidth of the household).
Soon, 4K content from Netflix, etc.. will really boost the demand (while many more of us use 4K displays) but it's still gradual...

Interesting stuff.
Wow, they're either seriously desperate, or trying to give the impression that they're seriously desperate.
LOL, that's sweet of Google... at least it's creative. It was Google's creativity that got Google big.
More hype, including from an anal-yst who doesn't realize that Google Fiber expands at the rate of continental drift and is the original example of fiber-to-the-press-release. And the Google Fiber lapdogs at DSLReports have already begun exaggerating the estimate of Google Fiber customers from 100,000–120,000 to 100,000–200,000.

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