Monthly Archive: July 2012

ABT News 7/28/12 0

ABT News 7/28/12

News Boomers Active, Involved Offline, Online Nvidia End of Nations Beta Key Give-Away for ABT Readers Dual GPU AMD 7990 Delayed Until At Least August Valve counters EA’s Steam sales “cheapen intellectual property” accusation...

ABT News 7/24/12 0

ABT News 7/24/12

News   Facebooks popularity slipping? ARM, TSMC to Produce 64-bit Processors With 3D Transistors (Pcper) Nvidia’s Dawn is back . . and available for download! Windows 8 screenshots Windows 8 offers improved graphics performance...

ABT News- 7/21/12 0

ABT News- 7/21/12

News/Articles Apple Forced to run ads saying Samsung didn’t copy iPad AMD revenues, profits down, but still in the black Pictures of early iPad prototype turn up ( Asus, HTC commit to Android 4.1...