Monthly Archive: September 2012


Reviewers for Hire Will End Publicity, Company Credibility

Who’s Kidding Who               Image Source – inyourpocket Reviews Your Way – Gartner reports that marketing/communications people are in such a rush to get positive reviews and increased numbers on their Facebook, Printerest and...


SSD … More Stuff than You Can Afford to Carry

Flashy Storage “Have it reconfigure the shell metals. Use the gold titanium alloy from the seraphim tactical satellite. That should ensure a fuselage integrity while while maintaining power-to-weight ratio.” – “Iron Man,” Paramount, 2008...


Millennials Are Individuals, Not Demographics

Same But Different            “There’s definitely something in here with us!” – David, “Alien 3,” 20th Century Fox, 1992 Now that we can easily get the information, we love to classify people according to one...