AMD’s Upcoming HD 7970 Exposed – a Short-lived Video card?

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  1. XpanD says:

    Thanks a lot for the write-up, very helpful to catch up to the latest happenings with. The 7970 might just be the big upgrade over my dual 5770s I’ve been waiting for. 1440p is starting to take its toll from my current cards. 😛

  2. prieye says:

    Look impressive. Ton of new feature. It beat the competitor top dog in every matrix with less power. Short-live or not, only time will tell. HD7970 is clearly, the new king in GPU world. It is right here and right now. Unless prove otherwise. I mean, you can not compare a real physical card (HD7979) to a NON-exist future card (GTX680), who knows, GTX680 may take 3,6 or more 9 months to come out, by them GTX680 will face AMD 8xxx series.

  3. tviceman says:

    Great summary on what is going on! Makes sense that AMD wants to be first out of the gate, even if Tahiti could use a little more tweaking and respinning down the road.

  4. Yeats says:

    When I click on the 7970 Preview image, I get taken to the EVGA GTX 560 Ti article.

  5. Yeats says:

    NP. A good pre-release read.

  6. Patrick says:

    Pretty terrible preview…

  7. apoppin says:

    There are no factual errors in it. It is dead on about the HD 7970 in every prediction.

  8. hansmuff says:

    Excellent preview with some smart predictions and analysis. Beats the pants off the 20-page benchmark-gasms I see everywhere else. Yes, they have their place, but they’re overrated.

    Looks like 4Q2012 will be a really good time for a new GPU.

  9. articles to read says:

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