ATI’s Catalyst Drivers get WHQL certification for Windows 7 from Microsoft

WHQL is an acronym for Windows Hardware Quality Labs. These labs provide certification to hardware and software by running a series of tests. What this means is that if the hardware or the software is able to pass the tests, it is deemed to be stable and compatible with a specific Microsoft Operating System. Each operating system has different tests that these hardware and software have to pass. As a result of a passing score, these products are allowed to display logos such as “Designed for Vista” on product packaging, marketing and advertising material.

With the pending release of Microsoft’s latest Operating System Windows 7, hardware and software manufacturers will try to get their products passed through the WHQL testing. Today, Microsoft started accepting products for certification. And ATI’s driver team managed to get their Catalyst Driver Suite WHQL certified for Windows 7 as confirmed by Terry Makedon, Catalyst Product Manager, on twitter.

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