Choiix Boom Boom Speaker Review

Gone are the days when people would walk around with a boom box on their shoulder, blasting their tunes. Now we all have access to much smaller gadgets such as MP3/4 players and mobile phones that double as media players. If earphones aren’t enough for you, then you can always pump up the volume with a device such as the Choiix Boom Boom Speaker.


The Choiix Boom Boom Speaker is by far one of the neatest devices I (or my friends) have ever come across and I gave you a little teaser of it in my Power Fort review a while back.

Well, the Boom Boom really packs a punch as well as a lot of features in a very small form factor. Check them out after the jump.



  • Ultra slim design with storable cord for convenient portability.
  • High gloss finish has a clean appearance and elegant feel.
  • Four integrated highly-sensitive drivers and amplifier provide impressive sound quality and volume.
  • Rich and clear sound for your music, movies and teleconference calls.
  • Protective speaker lid doubles as a speaker stand.
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio cable makes it easy to connect to any audio device.
  • Powered by USB.



  • Dimensions: 160 L x 90 D x 12 W mm (6.3 L x 3.54 D x 0.47 W inch)
  • Weight: 115g (0.25 lbs)
  • Driver: 4 x high sensitive drivers
  • Power: 2W X 2 Channel (Total 4W output)
  • Power Indicator: Blue LED
  • Input Power: 5V DC (via mini USB)
  • Audio input: 3.5mm audio cable

Package Contents

  • Boom Boom speaker
  • USB-to-USB mini cable
  • User manual

Closer Look (Gallery)

Here are some pictures of the Choiix Boom Boom Speaker being reviewed today, the C-PA01-WW.

BoomBoom1 BoomBoom2
BoomBoom3 BoomBoom4
BoomBoom5 BoomBoom6

The same performance is expected of the other model as well. The only difference is that the C-PA01-KK is Black.

BoomBoom7 BoomBoom8
BoomBoom9 BoomBoom10

You may choose whichever you like better and both are available for about US $25. The Boom Boom Speaker is by no means a bank breaker but what do you get for the price?



People say that good things come in small packages and at only 1.2cm or just under half an inch thick, the Boom Boom Speaker definitely is very compact. For how well it plays, I am always amazed at how easily I am able to slide it into a pocket and carry it around. Being powered by USB meant that when I’m on the go, I had to also carry another small device with me, the Power Fort. For those of you who read my review of it, you will understand how very useful it really is. In addition, it is the perfect mobile companion for the Boom Boom Speaker as it delivers hours of power.

This product is great for everyone of all ages and all musical preferences. The full range sound is crisp and clear. The mid-range and high-end frequencies are flawless. The lower frequencies offer more of a challenge because although the speaker attempts to give you a little bass, it was not really designed to do so. This attempt results in low-mid frequencies, the kind of bass you can hear but not feel. Although this Boom Boom Speaker is lacking in bass due to its small size, it is ideal for vocals or music that does not need a sub.

The Boom Boom Speaker will connect to any device supporting a 3.5mm jack. This means that you can also use it on portable DVD players, netbooks and laptops. In the case of netbooks and laptops (or even desktops for that matter), powering the speaker is a little easier because you can simply use any of the USB ports.


I have had several great moments with this device, aside from just testing purposes. My friends were already astounded by me charging my small gadgets with the Power Fort but the Boom Boom took the cake. As a test, without them knowing what I had up my sleeve, I whipped out both devices and hooked them up to my smartphone and started playing some music. The next thing I knew, out came the drinks and we ended up having a mini-party and lots of fun.

In another instance I was able to listen to some cool tunes from an MP3 player while laying on the beach one lazy day. There is hardly anything better than taking your music wherever you go and being able to play it with such clarity. So much so, that the Boom Boom Speaker draws worthy attention to itself. After turning my mother into a smartphone user as well, I have noticed that even she enjoyed using the speaker to play her favourite songs!

The experience with this device has definitely been a good one. I have made many friends jealous and wanting their own but most importantly I have proven that anyone buying this product, will be getting a great value for money.



The Choiix Boom Boom Speaker has a small form factor with a one of kind design. Its booming functionality and small price tag helps to make it a truly awesome product. It is great for laptop, MP3/4, DVD player and phone use as well as anything else you can conjure up; as long as you have a USB connection to power it.


The Good

  • Very thin and compact
  • Very lightweight
  • Very stylish design; aesthetically pleasing
  • Carefully thought out cable storage
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Full range sound output
  • Brilliant sound quality given its size (it even attempts to play bass)
  • Inexpensive/Affordable

The Bad

  • Surface may scratch easily
  • No carrying case

The Ugly

  • Needs to be powered via USB
    • Any form of USB power will work, however, a Power Fort is perfect for mobile use.

Bottom Line: The Choiix Boom Boom Speaker offers a great value to any consumer and I fully recommend it.

Recommended GreatValueAward

Leon Hyman
Senior Editor

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