Galaxy’s GTX 560 Ti GC – Introducing Nvidia’s Titanium Hunter

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  1. El_Member says:

    Waaah! this was one amazing review, excellent job Poppin!

    I’m already thinking of upgrading my system 😛

  2. Pain says:

    fantastic review gives out the Clear picture which gives out what and there is no Bias of favoring nvidia or ati like we get to see on other sites
    great work done !!

  3. Bo_Fox says:

    Hey, another stellar review–glad to see even more games. You continue to lead the web with by far the most games benchmarked.

    Just curious about the Mafia II 2560×1600 results, where GTX 570 is much, much slower than GTX 480.. was it an accident with using different settings, or is it a glitch with newer drivers?

  4. apoppin says:


    In Mafia II, the GTX 570 (266.58) and the GTX 480 (263.09) are using different drivers and should not be directly compared to each other. Generally, the brand new GeForce driver set evenly brought overall excellent performance increases over the last set – but with a couple of oddities in my system.

    There were three instances (out of 64 benchmarks) where the GTX 570 failed to perform as expected and where I repeated the benchmarks many times and checked and rechecked settings. I would guess that they are driver-related since they did not show in the earlier driver set.

    Of course, it is possible that a resolution setting got accidentally changed between the time that I ran the first set and last weeks testing so I will retest these same benches over again. In my follow up article which is going to pit SLI versus CrossFire, we shall use the (same) latest drivers for GTX 480 and GTX 570 (for single and SLI results).

  5. apoppin says:

    It was a resolution setting. I tested the GTX 480 at 1920×1200, not at 2560×1600. The charts have been corrected and only the competing cards tested with the very latest driver set are compared now.

    Thank-you for bring this error to my attention!

  6. Beast says:

    “we found the GTX 460 to be just a bit cooler-running than our GTX 460”


  7. apoppin says:

    Thank-you. Typo Fixed.

    “We found the GTX 560 Ti to be just a bit cooler-running than our GTX 460.”

    Article word count: 13,316 😛

  8. badb0y says:

    “And now we test at 1920×1200:”

    You then put the graph for 1680×1050 😉

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