Toshiba developing a “Video Wallpaper”

In what can only be described as straight out of a science fiction movie, Telegraph reports that Toshiba has been working on what science fiction writers call”Video Wallpaper” – a thin and flexible paper that can be used as a wallpaper and can potentially be used to turn the wall into a television screen. It can also be used to show images that will fit home owner’s mood.

The breakthrough in wall coverings is the result of improvements in organic electroluminscence (OLED) screen technology, according to Toshiba, that enables the paper to emit light.

“OLED is anticipated to become an important light-emitting device for the next generation,” Toshiba said in a statement.

The problem that the scientists have had to overcome is increasing the efficiency of existing OLED devices, such as televisions that use the reduced-energy material. To achieve that, the wallpaper uses light that has been redirected by an ultra-fine grating that is fabricated by self-assembled nano particles, said Kaori Hiraki, a Toshiba spokesman.

Toshiba said that the project is still in research stage and several years away from a commercial product.

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