Verizon Motorola Droid X User Guide Leaked

11 Responses

  1. Roland says:

    Most unnecessary use of watermarking…ever.

  2. AssHatSpotter says:

    Ass hat watermarks.

  3. Ted Hartman says:

    What is the purpose of the water mark on each and every page. Tech sites don’t do this crap. Drug to trash. I will wait for big red to post it. :(

    This pdf was not yours to deface.

  4. JMAZ says:

    I wanted to applaude you, but you did not allow that with the stupid use of the exagerated water mark.

  5. Joe Mamma says:

    Haha! I ain’t downloading it! More like alien babble you dorkus maximi!


  6. Notional says:

    The fact that the manual was leaked onto the net was pretty cool. It helped me decide whether or not I was going to buy the Droid X. In addition to this, I also found that my pet red-rear-end baboon loved wiping his ass with the fuggin dumb-assed-azz-clown watermark on every friggin page of this ghay-azzed download. I am taking the aforementioned azz-wiped pages, and using them to line my bird cage. WTF azz-jockey. Get a life. Thanks but no thanks for the f’n manual.

  7. J. Clark says:

    Thanks for the manual AB. For those who are using Adobe to read it – Document –> Watermark –> Remove.

    Small pain in the butt, but that’ll take care of the watermark. At least until someone secures the document.


  8. none says:

    your site sucks next time kill the watermarks

  9. dcksjk says:

    Thanks for the input on how to remove those stinking watermarks. That worked like a champ. I guess I need to study my Adobe software some.

  10. Marketta Gutmann says:

    The Droid X is outstanding. Bought it yesterday and am still discovering what it does for me.

  11. Adriene Mcchain says:

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