Verizon Wireless Announces The Samsung Fascinate, A Galaxy S Smartphone

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  1. me says:

    Yes but how does this compare to the droid x ? It seems that the form factor is similar; screen slightly more vibrant and slightly smaller; a bit more game oriented (but not sure here) perhaps not as good as a phone (does it have good microphone/speaker/clarity?) sounds like it might use a little less power (not sure here); faster gpu (though droid x is not slow) but slower cpu ?

    have you compared the two devices if so any comments or article ?

  2. Quentin Dawley says:

    Great info, I’m a guy through Detroit that is about to take his first genuine plunge into the Android, foreseeing it is greatest taken by getting the Samsung Fascinate. It’s been a long hold out, including buying a HTC Desire and cancelling that due to receiving news regarding this particular phone, as well as in my personal little quest for info to move the period I finally found this wonderful site.

  3. Carol Bringantino says:

    I am a existing Omnia (910) user on Verizon who was incredibly disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Samsung’s shell. Wound up buying SPB Mobile Shell to get a usable interface and needed to abandon Exchange email due to security restrictions. Essentially anytime you tried to location or receive a call, you needed to enter your PIN and I was missing calls as a outcome. Finally made a decision to abandon smartphones for that time being (economic motives) and wait for an excellent Android gadget. The Galaxy S (Facinate) must fit the bill. Disappointed to hear from the GPS difficulties. Let me add that Verizon’s 3G support was excellent through and I eventually stopped utilizing WiFi simply because V3G was a lot quick ample for me.Interestingly, I’m applying the Omnia to be a wireless device close to the house for checking email, Twitter, Facebook and simple browsing. But not as a mobile phone!

  4. MrK says:

    @lol, and I was about to buy omnia once!

    anyways fascinate looks like a fantastic device. Just played with it’s tmobile brother, the vibrant and was blown away. Never seen a phone so thin and so light. It feels like a feather. The Super AMOLED screen is the best part.

  5. MrK says:

    @Quentin Dawley wait, Desire on Verizon network ?

  6. MrK says:

    @me It should be faster than droid x in games. better battery life.

  7. LPowell says:

    Just bought the new Samsung Facinate and am having major problems setting up email through my account. I keep receiving an incorrect password error message, although I am using the correct password and even reset my password and had create a temporary default password. I am able to open up the email home and Verizon store laptops.Is the ONLY way to receive emails on the Facinate thru gmail account, which I was told I had to set up when I bought the phone?

  8. Richie Rivero says:

    Colors pop , blacks are fully black , uses less power , looks better in sunlight.

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