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“That'll teach you to lecture me. Get me another anger management therapist.” – Colonel Moon, “Die Another Day,” MGM, 2002

Social Media … Spying

Social Networking is Loads of Fun … Just Watch Your Step   Just as the Internet turned 40, a “Wall Street Journal” article suggested email was “over the hill.” Today’s online tools enable folks...

“Ditto” -- Sam Wheat, “Ghost,” Paramount, 1990

Silent Protection

With All the Sharing, You Don’t Have a Ghost of a Chance The Internet – the network of networks – was formed in the early ‘50s to enable people to share information – initially...


The NSA Just Needs a Better Name

Bad Rap             “Okay, now your servers are down because of a power surge, a grid malfunction, or maybe even a bomb. Now, if the intruder tries to reboot your servers or access the...