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Portal and HalfLife 2 released for SHIELD

Nvidia has been working with Valve for months to bring a masterpiece PC game, Portal to SHIELD. Today, SHIELD owners can also download Half-Life 2 from Google Play, in addition to Portal.  HalfLife 2...


Tegra K1 is Live in Las Vegas for CES 2014

Last night at CES 2014, Nvidia unveiled their latest fifth generation Tegra mobile processor – Tegra K1, a 192-core super chip that brings their newest Kepler GPU architecture featured in the GTX 780 Ti...


ABT News for 6/12/13 – Mid-E3 Edition

E3 Sony Online Entertainment lets us see just how much PhysX improves their game at E3   E3 – Alienware Reveal!!! Key Note Adress!!!   Alienware shows off its all-new gaming notebook lineup at...