The GTX 670 Arrives – is it a game changer?

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  1. Jaydip says:

    A job well done :)

  2. BoFox says:

    Wow, I’m flabbergasted by this GTX 670!

    GTX 680 has 25% more shader and texturing power than GTX 670 (and also 10% more ROP performance due to 10% higher clock), yet GTX 670 comes to within less than 10% of GTX 680’s overall performance. Also, when overclocked, GTX 670 beats stock GTX 680 in every single game tested here!!!

    I do not think I have seen such a card being that badly bandwidth-bottlenecked in a long long time (GTX 680).

  3. ocre says:

    the gtx670 is very freakn nice. Can only imagine what the bigK is gonna look like. A beast for sure.

  4. BoFox says:

    More research shows that GTX 670 has only about 3.5% lower core/shader clock than GTX 680 on average (actual clocks across a wide range of games, since the automatic boost usually hovers around 1.05 GHz). This means GTX 680 has 18% more shader/texturing power on average, rather than 25% as stated in the above post.

  5. hansmuff says:

    As usual, Mark, great review. Thank you!

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