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Samsung TVs Possibly Cheating On Energy Tests
Just when you thought Samsung's reputation was being restored...
Valve hater, Nintendo hater, Microsoft defender, AMD hater, Google Fiber hater, 4K lover, net neutrality lover.
(10-02-2015, 12:55 AM)SteelCrysis Wrote: Samsung TVs Possibly Cheating On Energy Tests

Just when you thought Samsung's reputation was being restored...

Volkswagon, Samsung et al.

It's all Corporations cheating and Colluding.
I'm always amazed at how much money people are willing to waste on Samsung TVs. They do make good products however they should not be commanding the price premium that they are charging on them.
Right, nothing special about Samsung TV's compared to most others. Many of Samsung TV's have forced dynamic contrast that truly cannot be turned off even when disabling it in the menu. I just want something like the cinematic theater experience, with none of that dynamic contrast tweaking that corrupts the original experience as intended by the filmmakers. Dark scenes shouldn't be even darker (to the point where the end credits can barely be read, even with the backlight turned up to 10, introducing massive backlight bleeding... it's all screwed up. Anyway, the next decade will be an interesting one - perhaps we'll be seeing a new wave of corporations taking over the older, more sleazy ones that ruled the past decade (just like when Samsung provided a cheaper alternative to Sony electronics in pretty much every electronics aisle in Circuit City and Best Buy, driving Sony to the demise in the 2000's just as I foresaw, but most corporations once reaching a certain point in growth, just fall victim to greed and corruption). Oh well...?
I like my samsung TV. The picture is great.

And the Samsung curve screens, they are really amassing.

Sure there are cheaper brands that look great as well. But I dont think Samsung prices as this large difference. It is not a big deal. They arent that much higher. Heck, i have seen some decent looking cheap TVs with awful UIs and pathetic menus. I would pay extra just to have decent navigation and a nice UI. I like the way samsung does their smart features, but that is just my preference

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