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Interesting Ballmer Article
I never looked at it this way.
Quote:After the iPhone was unveiled, it took nearly four, painfully slow years for Microsoft to deliver Windows Phone 7, a delay resulting from equal parts arrogance and a lack of urgency and vision.

Duh, Microsoft.  Look at Google - bigger than Apple now, as #1 most valuable company in the world!!!
Quote:Moreover, Ballmer allowed an internal environment in which the Windows and Office groups suffocated projects that threatened either. Innovation was stifled as talent became discouraged; J Allard departed as promising projects like the Courier tablet were killed, while Skype missed the messaging app explosion by not noticing it was in prime position to dominate.

The Courier tablet!!!  No risk, no gain!

Pity Skype isn't bigger than what it is.  It's a great app for phones, but unfortunately, too many people have no idea about Skype.

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